Wednesday, November 13, 2013

There is a Reason To Be Thankful!

By my cousin Jessica Jones

Holiday seasons are upon us. This time of the year can bring joy or sorrow to some. A question that has been asked is there a reason to be thankful? Statements overheard are, I am unemployed, what is there to be thankful for, I lost my home, or death has taken my love ones.

In my home  special prayers of thanks will be said on the fourth Thursday in the month of November over a delicious meal. November 28th was the birthday of my father. He past in 2006 on my mother birthday, June 14. She past on September 23rd my husband birthday, 2005. Also, November 15, 2004, that year my oldest brother had his going home on my late uncle birthday and two days before mines. November 28th was the anniversary date on my deceased maternal grandparents. Yet I am thankful that these people had touch my life. They have given our family loving memories. At my family table I will only have one son to share these joy because he lost his only murdered 16 years old brother. I truly thankful for my son. He has grownup to be a loving adult, caring father, and awesome grandfather.

Years back my home of twelve years was foreclosed and my husband became unemployed.  I am thankful that God had blessed me with a home that is larger in square footage than the home I lost, while allowing me to retire and reap the fruits of my labors.

At the age of thirty-eight,  an IV treatment was diagnosis and must be taken for life. I have survived to see five generations in our family thanks to our Lord. Yes on some these occasions, my faith was tested and maintained.

In also in our homes Thanksgiving meals will be served consisting of turkey and the fixings, football games are going to entertain us, pleasant memories are going to be shared with family and friends. Unfortunately, there is a need to feed hungry men, women, and children this Thanksgiving season. So my partner, Audrey and I, Sandra, decided that we have been blessed that we shall donate 5% of our profits from sales to the City Mission of Las Vegas.

Remember to in order to walk you needed to take that first step. This is the first step to do something for someone who at this time is trying to crawl. Go to LaChic Gifts and Craft and for every $35 dollars spend 5% will help someone in need until Thanksgiving.
 Sandra co-owner of LaChic Gifts and Craft

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