Saturday, June 27, 2015

MY FIRST PRIMA DOLL PROJECT ---- 8x8 mini book showcasing the Julie Nutting Doll stamps

Hi everyone I want to share my 1st Project made with my Prima Doll I used 12+ dolls to create this cute little 8x8 Mini 


Right Inside Cover

Left inside Cover

Ms January

Mrs. February

Miss March




Miss July

Miss August


Miss October

Mrs. November

Miss. December

Back Cover

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Just a few cards I completed today

I used a card kit I pick up at a craft show,

WEEK #21 LIFE Q'S CHALLENGE: What makes me me? (who I am)

I have a diplomatic personality very easy going. I go with the flow and refuse to    sweat the small stuff. I am competitive, I enjoy competition it give me incentives self-improvement. I never follow all the instructions or direction; I love to work outside of the box. I love crafting and cooking because you are not bound by rules and the things has always been done. I am a bargain shopper and love senior day. I love science fiction and cheesy horror moviesI love to laugh and have a good time.

I enjoying the wonderful life that GOD has given me.

WEEK #20 LIFE Q'S CHALLENGE: Do you remember your first kiss?

Yes. I remember my first kiss, it was in 1958. I was 11 years old
 his name was David Buckskin. He liked me but I was a tomboy
 and could care less. One day he asked me if he paid me 10 cent
 would I give him a kiss. The next day he saw me I said okay, he
 kiss on the cheek and   gave me 10 cent. The next day with the
dime in hand I walked to the corner store and purchase a kite

and string and had a great time fling my kite all day.

WEEK #19 LIFE Q'S CHALLENGE: How are you reducing your foot print?

I reuse and Recycle, buying used
 products and by repurposing old
cloths. They call me the Thrifting
Queen because I always fine great
buys on clothes, shoes, purse and
items that I can upcycle at
 Goodwill store, Salvation Army and

 thrift stores. 

WEEK #18 LIFE Q'S CHALLENGE: Do you meditate?

I have the time and the knowhow, but when I close
 my eyes I just have to look around because I’m just
 too nosey. I try to listen to music or listen to my
breathing did not work.  My mine tends to wonder,
 I just cannot concentrate for over five minutes it
gives me a headache and total stresses me out.  But
when it comes to prayers I can pray all night.

I pray without ceasing   I Thessalonians 5:17