My inspiration journal for 2017 - 52 Weeks of my thoughts and prayers.

Week 3

I have a few Question for you this week and the answer will post on week 4, have fun.


1. Who built the first temple in Jerusalem?
 2. He dreamed he saw a ladder reaching down from Heaven to the Earth. 
3. I was taken to Heaven in a whirlwind.
 4. Who built the city of Nineveh?

 5. Elijah traveled 40 days and nights to the mount of God which was called ______. 

Week 2

 KEY TRUTH: Get rid of those old wineskins. Get beyond the barriers of the past and start expecting God to do great things in your life.

CONSIDER THIS: Isaiah 43:19, God says "Behold I am doing a new thing! ...Do you not perceive and know it?

Read Mark 9:23
          Ephesians 1:18-19

    Lord, that seed of hope You've placed in me is trying to take root. Give me the strength to clear away any weeds or rubble (the old wineskins) that might get in the way of this new thing You're doing. Bring on the sunshine,  and allow just the right amount of rain, too. Expand my horizons, so this hope will grow and bring forth a tremendous harvest in my life.

Week 1

Consider this: What about you? Have you ever imagined yourself accomplishing your dreams?
        Read 2 Timothy 1:6
                  Jeremiah 29:11


    Heavenly Father, You have given me eyes to see and a mind to search for wisdom. Today I ask that You open the eyes of my heart and my mind to see myself You see me-blessed, loved and full of joy! Help me to envision the dreams I've pushed aside, to see myself accepting and living out what You desire in my life.

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