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     This year I want to spend more time in God's word, so yours truly joined a Bible study group for a second year.The group is for us to receive wisdom, understanding, be refreshed by the words we are reading and knowing Jesus as a person.

     The group reading plans for 2017 is to read the Bible in 365 days that typically includes both the Old and New Testaments.  I'm so excited about my journey through God’s word; this will help me learn, understand and apply scripture. 

If you would like to join us we are using an online site,  just hit the link and start reading and listen to the word Go through the Bible in a year  it set up so you can start at any time.

If you our in area please visit our church- FRIENDLY TEMPLE C.O.G.I.C. 16570 E STREET VICTORVILLE CA 92395 
always welcome and God Bless You.

The next book we will study in the old testament is Exodus here our outline.

Outline: EXODUS

I. Deliverance Under Moses (1--Israel in Egypt (1-11) 
 -plagues (5--Exodus to Sinai (12-18)
II. Law under Moses:  Covenant and law (19-24)  
-covenant with Moses    -10 commandments (20) 
III. Worship under Moses:  Rebellion and renewal (25-40)  -golden calf and Moses’ intercession (32-33)  -Consecration of the Tent of Meeting (40) 

Themes:  Suffering – The blessing of God when it hurts. Loyalty – God is loyal to us, which causes us to be dedicated to God. 
Deliverance – God’s desire to save people and rescue them from despair
 Divine Presence – The tabernacle is the place of God’s presence and Israel’s worship. 
Transcendence – A glimpse at the powerful, eternal, holy character of God. 
Law – The revelation of God’s just and loving principles that should direct our lives. 
Judgment – God is holy and his judgment of his people is righteous yet tempered with mercy.
 Worship – The significance of worship and the benefits to the participants.

Outline: GENESIS
 The primeval history (1-11)
-creation (1-2)
 -fall of humanity (3)
 -Covenant with Adam -flood (6-10)
 -Covenant with Noah -tower of Babel (11)
 The patriarchal history (12-36) 
-promise to Abraham (12) 
-covenant with Abraham (15)
 -circumcision (17)
 Joseph and the migration to Egypt (37-50)
 -Joseph’s success in Egypt (39) 
-Jacob’s death and blessing (49)

  Major Characters:  God, Adam, Eve, Serpent, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph

Salvation - God entering into relationship with individuals and people.
Sin – What went wrong (and is wrong) with us and the universe.
Divine Grace – God shows unmerited favor and kindness toward sinners.
Faith – What it takes to get to the promise land.
 Deliverance – God takes care of (delivers) his people.
Sovereignty – God is in complete control despite the apparent power of the opposition

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